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The Growth Tribe Academy...

a monthly group coaching experience

amazing content to get you started and keep you growing…

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And because I’m such a proponent of personal growth as a consistent and daily practice, I wanted to do everything I can to put transformation content in an easy-to-access place. So you don’t have to scour Google or GoodReads trying to find the content that will make the difference for you! Instead, you can find it HERE in the Growth Tribe Academy!

It’s a monthly membership experience to help you transform yourself from the inside out! To help you learn and apply game-changing personal growth content that will help you transform your health, mindset, self-talk, habits, productivity and that’s just scratching the surface…

I believe growth is a journey, not an event! And I know that the Academy will help you along your journey!


who this membership is for…

There’s really a few DIFFERENT people that this membership is perfect for…

  • Someone looking to get started and get a feel for “what is this personal growth thing anyway…?”

  • Someone looking for something easy, accessible, and that involves minimal financial and time commitment

  • Someone looking for a SAFE SPACE to start making some serious transformations in their lifePersonal growth and change can be REALLY scary. And sometimes we don’t have the support we want in our day-to-day lives. That’s why I created this membership. Yes, to give you GREAT content, but also to create a community that will support you as you take those steps in your life!


  • 4+ training videos and audio trainings a month covering topics from habits, self-compassion, healthy living and so much more!

  • 4+ in-depth worksheets to help you dig deeper into the current month’s content!

  • Access to my Growth Tribe Academy community where you’ll have a SAFE SPACE to grow yourself, can build a community of like-minded besties, AND have a say in what new content we cover

  • Monthly LIVE training with yours truly where I answer your burning questions and help you personalize the content for you

  • BONUS: Access to my Life Evaluation Excel Document and Database to not only identify where you're life is getting out of balance but how you can get that balance back (Valued at $57)

  • BONUS: A FREE digital copy of my Healthy Life Handbook, the ultimate planner to help you nail your goals and take back your health (Valued at $25)

  • BONUS: Access to my Take Back Your Life Online Program for ultimate clarity, confidence and time management (valued at $297)

  • BONUS: 2 complimentary monthly coaching sessions WHEN you sign up for the ANNUAL membership (Valued at $997)



Pay Monthly

cause investing in your growth is the best investment you can make!


>> 4+ high-quality video recordings on each month’s topic
>> 4+ high-quality audio recordings on each month’s topic
>> A downloadable workbook to take your growth to the next level!
>> Access to my Client Community on Facebook to connect with Ellyn and other current and former clients 
>> Monthly LIVE TRAINING calls with Ellyn where she answers your burning Q’s on that month’s topic
>> BONUS: Access to my Life Evaluation Excel document and database (Value $57)
>> BONUS: A digital  copy of my Healthy Life Handbook (Valued at $25)
>> BONUS: Access to my Take Back Your Life Online Program (Valued at $297)

That’s $389 worth of freebies just for signing up!


Frequently Asked Questions...


+What are some examples of content that is covered in the Academy?

Here are some examples of content that has been, will be and that I plan to talk about in the Academy moving forward:

Habits including how habits give you more freedom, the habit loop and how you can hack it to develop new habits and destroy old ones, the importance of keystone habits and much more! Boundaries and why we need to set better boundaries at work, in our relationships, in how we spend our time and so much more!

Other topics: Self compassion; Workaholism; Health and productivity; Easy Financial Habits; Motivation and Discipline; Brain Health; etc.

+ Can I Just buy the months of content that I'm interested in?

Yes! This is only a recent update to The Growth Tribe Academy Head to and you can add-on any of the available modules for a one-time fee of $27.

+ Do I have a say in what content we cover??

ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY! That's perhaps the biggest reason why there is a community component to this. I want you all to have a say in where the Academy goes, what content we cover, etc. because I want to give you the content that is best going to serve you!

+ Why Should I Buy Now? Can I sign up later?

Totally! The Growth Tribe Academy will be new every month! Therefore, you'll be able to sign up for new content every single month. But there are definitely some reasons why you should sign up now.

#1 - The sooner you join, the more content you get Each member who joins get that month’s content and any of the content moving forward. But, you won’t get any of the previous content. And, who knows, maybe that’s the information and the content that will be a game-changer for you and your life!

#2 - The sooner you join, the sooner you get that support, accountability & get a say in the content we cover I truly believe that the community we’re going to create is going to be one of the biggest and most incredibly part of this Academy. And the sooner you join, the sooner you get in on that community aspect. And the sooner you can have a hand in calling in the kind of people that you want to be a part of this in your life.

Plus, you’ll have a say in the content that we eventually cover. So, if you get in on the ground floor, who knows? That game-changing information that you know you need on finances, relationships, overwhelm, boundaries, health, etc., because of your suggestion we could cover that next month and you could be well on your way to making the changes you’ve always desired.

+ What is Different about this Membership vs. Others?

A) It’s not marketing & biz focused… I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen my fill of marketing and biz focused memberships sites and that’s great! There’s a lot of shit to keep track of as an entrepreneur and biz owner. But, what about those of us that aren’t biz owners? Where are the monthly membership sites for us? Well, now we have one!

B) It’s evidence-based and tested I cannot shake my inner scientist. I’m still so rooted in fact, in research, in study, in EVIDENCE. And as such, that’s the promise I can make you. I will never teach you content and include content in here that isn’t based in fact. That hasn’t been proven true. Because everything I do in my coaching and my own growth is driven by experts. I read their books. I do their online programs. PLUS - I do my OWN research. It’s not strange to find me on PubMed reading a psychology article or if there’s any basis to the celery juice fad (#eyeroll). I’m all about EVIDENCE! And importantly, I also test this stuff in my own life and with my clients!

C) It’s engaging AF Trust me - I know how BORING certain people’s training can be. Hell, I’ve taken my share of cringe-worthy, monotone online courses. I provide video training that is engaging AF. Ya’ll know me. I’m an energetic and enthusiastic human - see the video above! I soapbox. HARD. I have SO much passion for what I do. And I promise never to drone at you. EVER.

D) It’s provided in multiple mediums Some people like video. Some people like audio. Some people like writing. I am committed to providing my content in all 3 mediums EVERY SINGLE MONTH. Because whether you have a preference for a particular medium or a disability that means you can only use certain mediums to consume content, I want this to be a place you can learn and grow along with the rest of us.

E) It’s actionable content that forces you to digger deeper You know I believe that growth should be something that you should be able to take action on and IMPLEMENT. But, I also thing that growth should be hard. It should FORCE you to DIG DEEPER. I don't believe in surface level shit and my programs and membership are examples of that. I had a client comment to me once, “Ellyn these questions are really hard”(referring to my Take Back Your Life program). My response? DAMN RIGHT it’s hard! It’s supposed to be! DEPTH is where you get CHANGE. HARD QUESTIONS are the ones that we need to answer to make changes!


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