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Take Back Your Life

A group coaching experience



Take Back Your Life (TBYL) is 12 (soon-to-be 16) modules of content and over 10 hours of training that will help you get clear on who you are and what you want, get confident so that you don’t need external validation to make your dreams a reality, and get organized AF so that “lack of time” will no longer hold you back…

But more than that, it’s a group experience! I’ve been in masterminds and I think that group experience are a powerful thing because..

  • You get support + accountability

  • You get to learn from the experiences, insights and AHAs of your peers

  • You get a SAFE SPACE to start making some serious transformations in your life. This is such a crucial piece because personal growth and change can be REALLY scary. And sometimes we don’t have the support we want in our day-to-day lives.

That’s the power of this experience…

In The Growth Tribe Academy, my goal was to start to create that safe space, but I thought to myself, what if I combined the power of that safe space + community, with the game-changing potential of the 3-pillar coaching philosophy found in the Take Back Your Life program?! EPIC-NESS, my friend! EPIC-NESS…


who is this experience for…

  • Someone who doesn’t just want more….they want it ALL! Who is sick of being told what’s possible in this life…that the kickass career, health, amazing relationships, adventures…ALL THE THINGS are F’ING possible!

  • Someone who knows that they either need…

    • MORE CLARITY on either WHAT their dream life is or HOW to make it happen…

    • MORE CONFIDENCE in themselves to make the dream happen…like I’m talking negative self-talk, setting boundaries, the whole nine-yards…

    • MORE CONSISTENCY cuz they struggle with follow-through and motivation in taking action toward creating their dreams

  • Someone who is READY to take some F’ING HELL BENT FOR GLORY ACTION to live the kind of life they’re always dreamed of…

  • Someone who is CRAVING a community of fellow multi-passionate go-getters to support them along their journey toward CREATING their more…

  • Someone looking for a SAFE SPACE because maybe they don’t’ have the support they want in their day-to-day lives. That’s why I created this program. Yes, to give you GREAT content, but also to create a community that will support you as you take those monumental steps to create your dream life…


Maybe you’re in your early 20s and just emerging into the “real world”, or maybe you’re like I was — a professional with experience in her late 20s or 30s. But one thing is for damn sure: you’re not feeling the way you want to feel about your career and your life.

It’s not bad, but you know that things could be even better! You want freedom - to get outside, to travel, see the world, instead of being stuck inside your cubicle or office. But you’re not sure where to find the answers you’re looking for…

Many people would just stay stuck. They’d accept that it’s okay to hate your job, to have parts of your life that you don’t like. They’d accept it as normal. But mediocrity and settling? That’s not an option for you — you want passion, fulfillment and a life you f’ing love.

Whether you’re at a rock bottom, or you’re just feeling those first inklings that there is better out there for you, you’re ready to get answers on and you’re ready to get clear on what a life you f’ing love means to you!

What Your Challenges Tend To Be . . .

if any of these resonate with you, than friend, we need to talk!

You’re just NOT CLEAR on the WHAT or HOW. Sometimes we have no idea what more or better is! How do you figure it out? And once you do, how do you get it? There’s so many damn options out there not only for your career, but what you want in your life! How could you possibly know what the hell to pick? To commit to? How do you know what’s going to last the rest of your life? Well, I’ve got the tried and true activities and exercises to help you figure it out…

You’re just not getting the support you need to make that change in your life. Maybe you’re feeling guilty about “wasting” time and resources. You’re feeling flakey for changing your mind about what you want in your life. You’re scared about disappointing some of the people in your life. And you’re wondering, “Is it selfish to go after what I want for me?...” I feel this one. 1000% And some of the activities I’m going to show you in the second unit of TBYL will show you exactly how to get over some of the bumps of guilt, shame and fear that can come with massive life transformation…

You’re just NOT MOTIVATED. “I’m not a motivated person”, “I just don’t have the discipline”, or “I don’t have the time” are phrases that are common in your everyday language. Maybe often start personal projects that you never finish, set goals that you get distracted from. Maybe you’re constantly getting distracted by OTHER people’s priorities. Well, friend, I’m going to show you how to level up your consistency by tapping into your TRUE motivations - because trust me, they’re there, so that you can take your CONSISTENT, COMMITMENT & DISCIPLINE to the next level. Because ‘not enough time’ is the adult version of ‘my dog ate my homework’ and I’m going to show you how to nip that shit in the bud.

What You Need Most Right Now

  • To get get clear AF on what your version of “more” is - in your life, your career…all of it!

  • To develop awareness in who you are, what you value and what your priorities are…

  • To discover the passions you want to turn into careers and how you can do it!

  • Elevated confidence so that you stop looking for validation from others and find it within yourself

  • Help getting to the core of the shit you know is holding you back!

  • Strategies for maximizing your time because you know that making time is sometimes the hardest part…

  • The accountability and support of a community to help you walk this new path!

what is ellyn’s 3 pillar philosophy?

3 pillars new.png

This 3 pillar coaching philosophy is accessible through private coaching (highly personalized), my Take Back Your Life Course (a more affordable option), and NOW through my Take Back Your Life EXPERIENCE (for more accountability at a moderate price)!

The 3 mountains in my logo represent my 3 pillars of coaching. I believe that the 3 things that so often hold us back in our lives are a lack of clarity, a lack of confidence and a lack of consistency!

CLARITY. There are so many messages coming into our lives about who we should be, what we should want, blah blah etc. That’s great and all, but what do YOU want?! That’s the first thing we’ll dig into - clarity in who you are, clarity in what you want in life, and last but not least clarity in what you want in your career.

CONFIDENCE. Because we can know what we want in life, but what if we don’t have the confidence to go for it, it’s not going to happen! We’re going to re-program that by leveling up your confidence from the emotional (think self talk - no more external validation ), physical and relational perspectives because all of these affect how we feel about ourselves and how likely we are to take action! And ya’ll know I’m all about that action…

CONSISTENCY. Because you can have all the clarity and confidence in the world, but if you don’t have any damn time to work on your dreams and goals, well then, they’re kinda dead in the water! We’re going to get REAL clear on what priorities actually belong on your calendar, how to tap into your discipline and motivation (cuz yes - you do have it!), how to level up your productivity and so much more!

I believe to my very core that these are the 3 missing pieces for so many people…and I for one cannot wait to dig into them with you! Schedule a complimentary Transformation Call here!



  • The support and accountability of the TBYL Community! The TBYL Experience is, more than anything, a group experience! Learn from your peers, be supported by them, cultivate a safe space for your transformation to occur and develop lasting friendships! The group coaching experience includes:

    • Live Q&As (Weekly) within the Facebook community to answer your burning questions and give you support along your journey! (Valued at $1977)

    • Bi-weekly Group Zoom Calls (8) where you not only get to learn from the experiences of your peers, but also get individualized attention where you will get help with your biggest struggles, answers to your biggest questions, etc. (Valued at $4397)

    • Membership in the Private Facebook Community to bond and connect with your TBYL family and to help you work through those spur-of-the-moment sticking points that will inevitably come up on your journey… (Priceless! But #realtalk, the amount I’ll be engaging in here will give you a total value of $2497)

    • Access to my Take Back Your Life program including the 3 program bundle - Create Clarity, The Pursuit of Confidence & Take Back Your Time to give you that 3 pillars of training to help you transform your life. Combining the KNOWLEDGE + INSIGHTS of 5+ years and $30,000 of investment in personal growth training and mentoring… (Valued at $247)

  • Unlimited email and texting access between sessions

  • BONUSES valued at $>1000 including…

    • BONUS: 2 1-on-1 coaching sessions (90mins each) at the start and end of your TBYL Experience to help you maximize your experience and summarize your biggest takeaways and action plans moving forward (Valued at $1297)

    • BONUS: A FREE digital copy of my Healthy Life Handbook, the ultimate planner to help you nail your goals and take back your health (Valued at $57)

    • BONUS: Access to my Growth Tribe Academy to help you next level your growth and get the community of the Academy too! (Valued at $267)

    • BONUS: Access to my 3-part Self-Discipline Webinar series because we all know that discipline, motivation and consistent follow-through toward our goals is one of our biggest sticking points! (valued at $97)

  • Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to renew your membership at the end of the experience + your price will NEVER increase. Even as the experience groups and changes over time, if you choose to stay enrolled, your price will never increase from sign-up…

that’s a total value of…

well over $9997+…

Hell, it’s over $35K if we’re being real!

But you can get in on the action for as little as $647!

Or get a 25% discount when you pay-in-full at $1997


Take Back Your Life

group experience

enrollment options…



Other payment options…

4 payments of $647

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The program starts on August 5th…

Register Now...

BECAUSE I’ll only be opening up 10 spots!

This will be a very exclusive kick-off group and I will be VERY hands on! Even outside of your bonus 1-on-1 sessions. So, I want to keep things very small and intimate…


  • Live Q&As (Weekly) - Valued at $1977

  • Bi-weekly Group Zoom Calls (8) - Valued at $4397

  • Private Facebook Community - Priceless! But with a #realtalk value of $2497

  • Take Back Your Life program - Combining the KNOWLEDGE + INSIGHTS of 5+ years and $30,000 of investment in personal growth training and mentoring…

  • 1-on-1 coaching sessions (90mins each) Valued at $1297

  • A FREE digital copy of my Healthy Life Handbook - Valued at $57

  • Access to my Growth Tribe Academy Valued at $267

  • Access to my 3-part Self-Discipline Webinar series - valued at $97

  • Plus, your price will NEVER increase if you decide to continue your membership

again, it’s a total value of over $9997

So, What Are You Waiting for?

join the tbyl experience + take back your damn life for you!

get in on the action for as little as $647!

Or get a 25% discount when you pay-in-full at $1997


Got Questions?

i’ve got answers! check out the faqs or message me…

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Do you feel overwhelmed, frustrated and burned out? You just need something, anything, for yourself? Who is just looking for something that can give them some semblance of BALANCE, reprieve, JOY and CONTROL in their life. That can bring the passion and fun into your life, relationship, etc.


Damn straight it is going to be worth it. This is actually something 3 of my former clients talked about on a recent podcast episode. But, just for me, I’ve gone back through all this content as I’ve put this program together and, no-bullshit, each and every time, I learn something new about myself and implement something new into my life.


Yes…absolutely! In fact, I detailed all of this in the Highlights on my Instagram story, which you can watch here! But basically, here’s the rundown!

Module 1 is where we get things started. We’ll be talking about WHY you joined and what you want to get out of this course because ultimately we’ve gotta set that intention.

Module 2 is talking about Clarity in You. We’ll be talking personality types, values, honing your strengths, etc.

Module 3 covers Clarity in Your Life. We’ll break down where your life might be out of balance, what you can do to re-balance, as well as painting a picture for your ideal life, because if you don’t know where you’re going, how can you get there?

Module 4 covers Career Clarity. We’ll talk about why career is such a sticking point for so many people, what gets in the way of creating that kind of career, and ultimately how to find it.

Module 5 moves into confidence, starting off with defining confidence for ourselves, breaking down the 4 types of confidence, and breaking down some of the biggest confidence undermining behaviors that we all use in our lives.

Module 6 covers emotional confidence, is jam-packed with all the content,and covers some huge topics like limiting beliefs, authenticity, and worthiness and how to overcome these things in our own lives.

Module 7 covers physical confidence, tackling more big topics like body image, and ultimately how we can use our own physicality to improve our confidence on-demand.

Module 8 is all about confident relationships, how we can managing our relationships so that we know when to release the toxic ones and when to build up the strong ones, managing relationships with family, etc.

Module 9 covers a number of other confidence improving tools.

Module 10 kickstarts our time management series, talking all about health and it’s role in productivity, how to schedule + plan more effectively, and how to optimize your routines so they work FOR you.

Module 11 is another one that’s jam-packed and covers things like habitformation, goal setting and goal achievement, motivation and how to create motivation, and managing overwhelm and procrastination.

Module 12 brings all the previous weeks together, gives you daily behaviors to capitalize on all the things that we talk about and gives you tools and tricks to overcome plateaus.


Okay...real talk friend cuz that's why I'm here! I want to ask you…do you have a real reason why you can’t make this work now? Or are you just waiting for “the right time”?

I promise never to bullshit you guys, and I’m keeping that promise RIGHT NOW. Because so often we wait for that infamous “right time”, that “someday” and it NEVER FREAKING COMES! Because it’s a fallacy. There’s no such thing. There will always be something that comes up to keep us from taking action. So, is there a real reason why you want to wait? There might be and if there is, I hope that situation goes off without a hitch. But if there’s not, I want you to really ask yourself why you’re waiting to take your life back. Why you’re waiting on investing in you.

I read a quote this morning that said, “Don’t be cheap when it comes to investing in yourself and your goals. If you aren’t willing to invest in yourself, why should anyone else?” And I believe that to my bones. I promise you that this is an investment that you will never regret and that will continue to impact and transform your life for years to come.


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